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this account is a pro-non-human space

otherkin, alterhumans, therians, you're all doing fucking awesome and I love you πŸ’–

hello my name is alex, my pronouns are they/them and my genders are femby, femboy and fembun

using mastodon to just to say my partners are cute where they wont see it c:

femboy dot city is now on v3.1.2!! the notifications issue is finally fixed and i can actually feel fine inviting people now

god i was trying to fix this stuff so long ago. i really need to get better at maintaining this instance

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The instance has been updated to glitch-soc v3.0.1!!

Every review on PokΓ©mon Center is either a 60 year old women buying a pokeman for their child or a Meme-Poisioned 20 something calling their PokΓ©mon an absolute unit.

take me down to femboy city where the thighs are high and the folks are pretty :3c